Based on the best delivery record of refueling equipment in Japan, we will make efforts to utilize our technological capabilities in new fields as well.

MISUZU INDUSTRY became independent from MISUZU MACHINERY (based in Kobe) in 1958 and has since grown as a manufacturer of marine products. We have developed original products including heat exchangers, pumps, controlled-air dehumidifiers and grease extractors and also manufactured marine products including inert gas systems, oil discharge monitoring systems, crude oil cleaning systems and automatic backwashing filters, in technical cooperation with leading companies in Europe.

Although we discontinued licensed production of some of these products, the skills and techniques which we have acquired through accumulated experience in these fields are the basis for our current products. Specifically, products such as API-conforming oiling systems and dry gas sealing systems are manufactured under the concept of economic design, utilizing advanced piping techniques, up-to-date instrumentation and control techniques and quality control techniques. Having delivered over 4,000 systems, we have the largest share in the domestic market while holding our ground against Western competitors.

In the 21st century, the trend toward information society and global competition will go on at a rapid pace.Well aware of this, we will continue to integrate good products from around the world into new products and supply the new products at reasonable prices in a timely manner.

We look forward to your continued support.